David Bowie Bronze Portrait Sculpture

This is my Bronze sculpture a figurine of David Bowie
I wanted to do David Bowie as the man not his alter egos.

I took this pose from one of his pictures.

It’s 15″ tall and a maquette for the possible enlarged version for Berlin.


One edition bought by Bill Wyman –
Hi Laura

Many thanks. Bill is delighted. Best of luck with the exhibition.

Kind regards

Caroline McCrink
P.A to Bill Wyman

Hi Laura,

I’ve just unpacked it… he’s in perfect order.. I was going to joke and say it was actually John Lennon when I unwrapped him

No seriously, I hope Berlin give the green light and we see him there.

He’s currently under a large New York painting in our Dining room… he seems at home.

Thanks for your art and assistance Laura, I checked out your website and there’s fabulous examples of your work.

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes,


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